Walt Disney Signature Stone

Walt Disney Signature Stone Art

These incredible Walt Disney Signature Stone Art are created using the ancient technique of Pietre Dure, or the cutting and fitting of highly polished stones to create works of art. Pietre Dure is a mosaic technique or more specifically a type of stone marquetry that originated in Rome and later reached its zenith in Florence Italy in the 1600 and 1700's. It is sometimes call Florentine Mosaic. Marble and many other types of semi-precious stones are carved and cut into small pieces. These small pieces are fitted together with no visible interstices (joints between the pieces) to make a painting that depicted landscapes or other subjects from the world. The texture of the stone mimics those found in nature: clouds, mountains or leaves and flowers. These are some of the most unique and high quality Disney Artwork we have every seen! Some pieces weigh over 30 pounds and are incredibly limited.
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Walt Disney Signature Stone Jiminy Cricket
Price: $1,610.00
Walt Disney Signature Stone Mulan's Tree
Price: $3,000.00
Walt Disney Signature Stone Pinocchio
Price: $1,800.00