Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection Ends
20 Years WDCC Is Over

While we have suspected this for a few months, now it's finally official. The Walt Disney Classics Collection has come to an end. Precious Moments Inc has announced that even though they acquired the rights to the WDCC line late last year they have decided not to produce any pieces and end the collection as we know it.

Here is what has transpired as WE see it. Some of what follows is just our opinion and should be taken as such.

In early 2012 Enesco released a statement saying that they were not going to renew the WDCC license with Disney and that it was going to be offered to another company. This was not unprecedented as the WDCC line had been transferred twice before (most notably when Disney took it over themselves from Schmidt) and the collection was able to continue with out interruption. Enesco's reasoning (as we believe) was that the collection had become far too expensive and difficult to produce, and that in order for it to continue prices and edition sizes would have to be increased dramatically. Enesco made the business decision that the collection would not be feasible at the higher price point.

Later that year we were informed that PMI had acquired the rights to the WDCC name and were going to start producing new pieces with a tentative released date of September 2013. While we were thrilled at the prospect of the WDCC continuing, we were very apprehensive of Precious Moments, a company known for producing pieces of a lesser quality than the WDCC, having control of the line. In the Spring of 2013 a few pictures of the new line "leaked" out and the internet was set ablaze. These pictures showed pieces that were not of the quality that WDCC collectors had become used to receiving and some even had glitter applied. Dedicated collectors took to message boards in force and vented their outrage, demanding that Precious Moments either redesign the pieces or let their treasured collection fade in to the sunset.

Precious Moments responded by stating that the pictures were pre-production pieces only made to show company reps and would not reflect the quality of the actual line once it went into production. While we hoped this was true we were skeptical to say the least. We have now been informed through a post on the Precious Moments Facebook page (shown in full below) that they have decided to halt production and retire the WDCC name.

We would like to thank every collector who voiced their anger at the prospect of seeing this beloved collection be sullied by the low quality pieces Precious Moments was (possibly) going to produce. If not for these collectors we would have had to endure seeing the WDCC name on low quality imitations, just to turn a profit for a company that neither created nor supported this line. While it sad to say goodbye, it is better than having a collection that we enjoyed for over 20 years have their name used to market an inferior product line that shared nothing with the spirit in which the WDCC was created. Although we must give credit to PMI for realizing that this was not what collectors wanted and doing the right thing by allowing the line to end.

BiggsLtd.com would like to thank the Walt Disney Classics Collection for 20 years of wonder and enchantment. We carried the collection from the day it was released and watched it grow from a small field mouse grasping a dew drop to one of the most popular collections Disney has ever produced.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Goodbye WDCC. You will be missed.

Facebook Statement from PMI Precious Moments Inc:

We truly appreciate the fans and collectors who have been eagerly awaiting the Walt Disney Classics Collection product launch by Precious Moments Incorporated. After extensive consultation with Disney, we have jointly decided not to move forward with the release of the collection. The Walt Disney Classics Collection will be placed into the “vault” alongside other cherished Disney classics. We invite you to continue to celebrate Disney characters and stories with the beautifully crafted collectibles available in the Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments.

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