Haviland China Collection


Limoges Hand Made In France

Since 1842, when David Haviland left America to set up his factory in Limoges, the name Haviland porcelain has been synonymous with excellence in the field of Limoges porcelain. Entrepreneurial spirit and bounless talent have been combined with innovation in shapes, decoration and production expertise. Numerous awards have been bestowed upon Haviland in recognition of its contribution to the Art of the Table. For over one and a half centuries Haviland has claimed leadership in the world of porcelain.


The creations of Haviland China has attracted famous designers and artists from around the globe. The most skilled designers of their time, Bracquemond, Dammouse, Duffy, Suzanne Lalique, Sandoz, Kandinsky, Cocteau, and Dali are all part of Haviland China's rich history. The greatest Courts of the World and important Heads of State could not resist the lure of Haviland porcelain. Presidents Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, and Roosevelt have commissioned Haviland designs. In France, Empress Eugenie, Presidents Raymond Poincarre, Georges Daladier, Vincent Auriol, Rene Coty, General de Gaulle and Jacques Chirac have selected Haviland designs. Faithful Haviland devotees also include Queen Maria Pia of Portugal, the Emperor Guillaume II, Emperors of Japan, and the Royal court of Morocco.


Haviland China continues to break new ground. From its beginning, Haviland has been a leader in the development of decorating techniques. In the early days Haviland adopted soft cutting in its decoration of porcelain. New shapes and decorations are a continuous process at Haviland. Even in this technology driven world, Haviland China has not forgotten the heritage upon which it was founded. It has maintained the knowledge of its ancestors and passed this on to the artisians and craftsman who produce Haviland porcelain today. Prestigious classic patterns have been re-introduced; new sophisticated, refined and contemporary designs have been launched with great success.

Years go by and fashions change, but at Haviland China innovation and creativity are never ending. The same can be said for their passion for porcelain.