Starlite Originals Legends
Sculpture Facts

What are Starlite Originals sculptures made of?

All Starlite Originals sculptures begin from an original made of plasticine, the result of an artists' sculpting and re-sculpting soft clay. From these originals, first-generation models are created. Each sculpture is sectioned into a myriad of component parts and placed into molds for the creation of individual cavities. Starlite's sculptures are made from one or any combination of different materials. Such materials can be categorized by bronze, pewter, Lucite, acrylic, porcelain, resin and wood.

Exactly What is Mixed Media?

It is a combination of various fine metals such as lost wax bronze, fine pewter, brass, copper, 24 karat gold vermeil and various hot torched acid patinas such as black nickel, rose copper, and turquoise, to highlight the sculpture. In addition, the sculpture may contain embellishments such as Lucite.

How Are The Legends Sculptures Made?

The original sculpture is delivered to the foundry by the artist in the form of plasticine. Working models are created from the originals by Starlite master mold makers. In the old world tradition, the master mold is then created. Once the mold is complete, molten metal is poured into the cavities in the mold and left to cool to room temperature. Each part is then removed from the mold, cleaned, assembled, and hand tooled until it looks exactly as the artist created it. The sculpture then goes through numerous metal plating and patina application steps, completing the Mixed Media process.

What is a Patina? Is it Paint?

Patina is definitely not paint. A patina is created by the application of certain chemicals which oxidize the metal during the hot-torching process. The combination of heat and acid etch into the metal, producing a rainbow of color finishes. The color produced by the patina becomes one with the metal. What Is Lucite? An optically clear, hand-crafted material that has the ability to be reformed into any desired shape. Several magnificent finishes-from crystal clear when polished, to a milky-white opaque when frosted can be achieved. It has the desirable characteristics of transparency and crystal clarity. Lucite is also UV resistant.

Can I request a certain numbered sculpture in an edition?

Yes! Simply submit the order; noting the number you would like to receive. If it is available (i.e., not yet shipped to someone else), we will ship that number to you.

What is an artist's proof?

A sculpture consists of many component pieces produced from master molds. After a time, a mold will "burn", or lose its detail. At this point, new molds are produced and first parts from these new molds are personally inspected and approved by the artisans. These personally approved sculptures, or "Artist Proofs", are used as working masters for Starlite craftsmen. The number of Artist Proof (AP) sculptures in an edition ranges from 10-15% of the edition size. Their scarcity makes them inherently more valuable and costly than their counterparts from the limited edition run (approximately 25% more). Artist proof sculptures are available for purchase. Artist proofs are numbered as follows: 13/50AP/500. This means that there are a total of 50 artist proofs (50 of 500 which are 10% of the edition.) and this particular sculpture is #13 of the 50 pieces.

What is the difference between "SOLD OUT" and "RETIRED"?

For a particular sculpture to be "sold out", the entire edition must be sold. A retired sculpture is one that is no longer created, but the edition has not sold out. The mold has been burned and production has been stopped before the edition was completed, therefore the number of retired sculptures sold is less than the edition size. Every year, Starlite retires a certain selection of sculptures available. After a sculpture is retired and is available for more than 1 year, it is considered a closeout which means it is sold at a reduced price. Closeout is a retired item.

What is a Certified Limited Edition and what is the advantage to registering my sculpture?

Each person who purchases a Legends or Genesis sculpture is invited to register their sculpture with the Starlite Society. The Society provides the highest level of support in addition to valuable, complimentary privileges. Upon purchase a certificate request card will need to be filled out and upon receiving this card The Starlite Society will send the collector a personalized certificate of ownership along with the annual Collection Catalog and an artist biography. The customer shall continue to receive our Quarterly "What's New" catalog which depicts all the current new releases. All registered sculptures are kept in a database for safekeeping of value for insurance and appraisal purposes.


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