Even as a little boy, Anton Hirzinger dreamed of becoming a sculptor one day. An unusual wish for a small child, but one which already hinted at the creative inclination and talent which were slumbering under the surface
Like most of his colleagues in the crystal business, Anton Hirzinger is absolutely passionate about "his material". And it was this passion which led him to Swarovski, where he laid the foundations for his future career: in 1986 he started work at the Crystal Shop in Wattens, where he demonstrated the art of glass-cutting and engraving for the visitors.
In 1991 he joined the Swarovski Designer Team. This was a big step for him, as up to then he had spent most of his time putting the finishing touches to crystal, whereas now he was suddenly responsible for the initial design. A new challenge, which he finds immensely more exciting and inspirational and which he has mastered with great success.
  Anton Hirzinger made a name for himself with his design for the Swarovski Centenary Swan. He created the design in 1993 with the 100-year anniversary in 1995 in mind. It was this impressive swan which Hirzinger used as a model for his "Maxi Swan" from the Swarovski Silver Crystal line. With these famous designs Anton Hirzinger has fulfilled the dream of his youth, with more to follow.
  Today Anton Hirzinger is a father himself and likes to spend what little leisure time he has with his family in the surrounding countryside of his Tyrolean home. His hobbies include hiking and skiing, but also his childhood dream of sculpting and his large collection of crystal objects. He seeks cultural inspiration in neighbouring Italy, where, as he says, "the best crystal in the world is made."
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