Swarovski Artist Stefanie Nederegger After completing the 4-year vocational school for arts and crafts in Innsbruck, Elisabeth Adamer started a higher education at the Glasfachschule Kramsach. She graduated from this specialized glass arts school with a degree in design in 2002.
In November 2004, Ms. Adamer started work at Swarovski as a designer. She has perfected her skills and taken up some new challenges since. Elisabeth is the designer of the 2013 SCS Annual Edition Elephant Cinta, as well as the Young Elephant, SCS Peacock, SCS Butterfly (Event Piece 2013), and the 2013 SCS Orchid Membership Gift.
  Elisabeth enjoys working with crystal because “It is an exciting process! Starting from first ideas and sketches, crystal offers a large spectrum and scope of design, which you can further form and build on with your own imagination and feelings. It is especially fascinating to see your own design in crystal for the first time and enjoy the reflection of the light, the clarity, and shine.”
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