Many collectors of Swarovski Silver Crystal Figurines have Heinz Tabertshofer to thank for some of their most treasured pieces, although for years they had never even heard his name.For almost twenty years, the talented toolmaker played a leading role in the production of Silver Crystal items, making tools for the production of Swarovski models, and engravings.During all these years his love of creative design accompanied him in all aspects of his work, as did his great passion for modeling, painting and drawing.Following further education at the Technical College in Jenbach and numerous training courses, he took the plunge and joined the Swarovski design team.
His talent for observation and his ability to empathize with his object, combined with a wealth of technical know-how and experience enable him to create impressive, new and individual designs. All of Heinz Tabertshofer's designs are exceptionally natural in appearance.He succeeds in capturing the very essence of the subject and expressing it through the medium of crystal, without creating a mere mirror image of reality.
  His designs, which include the German Shepherd, Siamese Fighting Fish, Cobra, Camel, Grizzly and Cockatoo, are favorites in the collections of many lovers of Swarovski crystal all over the world.
  Born in the Austrian Tyrol, Heinz Tabertshofer lives in Wattens with his wife and two children and likes to spend his leisure time in the company of his family and friends.
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