Stefanie Nederegger’s education covers a tertiary course in sculpture at the Innsbruck HTL and advanced training in artistic craftsmanship at the College of Glassmaking and Design in Kramsach.
It was at the Glassmaking College that Stefanie’s passion for crystal was ignited. The expertise she gained there was appreciated by the Swarovski Crystal Figurines design team she joined in November 2004.
Since Swarovski is a well-known brand in Wattens and throughout Tyrol, Stefanie cannot recall her first contact with the brand. Swarovski was omnipresent when she grew up, something she maintains still holds true. Swarovski is encountered in art, jewellery, architecture and many other areas.
  Stefanie Nederegger is the designer of the exotic Orchid Blossom andOrchids as well as the statelyMare. More artful designs will follow for collectors and enthusiasts alike to enjoy.
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