A portion of the proceeds from every SCS sale goes to Swarovski Water School Foundation. Since 2000, the Swarovski Waterschool has educated children and communities about the ecological, economic, social and cultural issues that affect water use on a local and global level and provided clean drinking water and sanitation in schools and communities.

Lack of access to clean drinking water already represents one of the most significant barriers to health and development in many communities. The Swarovski Waterschool works hand-in-hand with local partners to identify, establish and implement solutions that provide clean water to those in need and solve both long- and short-term water-related challenges. The Waterschool secures the supply of fresh drinking water to schools through the installation of a range of facilities such as rainwater harvesting tanks and water boiling devices. The Waterschool also aims to provide clean drinking water to the surrounding communities by implementing water supply schemes.

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