Sid Dickens Is Retiring 28 Memory Blocks

   All good things must come to an end and it is time to say good-bye to 28 of our favorite Sid Dickens tiles. All 28 Memory Blocks are available to order until Friday, June 29th, 2018. All tiles are $98.

Artist's Signature T-315 
From the 20th Anniversary Collection.

T-315 Artist's Signature

Blessed H16
The Merciful will cause the Temple to be rebuilt in its place, speedily in our days.

Chance T-403
Like the roll of the dice, our lives are directed by strategy and luck.

Chess King T-53
Strength and strategy; qualities for the king to play the game.

Crown Of Thorns H-10
An infinite moment; survived through forgiveness.

Currency T-356
How rich it is to love; to seek and to be found. This currency is ancient, it makes the world go 'round.

Harlequin With Moulding T-29
Whimsy of the Elizabethan jester captured in the curl of ornament.

Instrument T-324
As fall's bright notes descend upon the earth, your song plays on in memory.

Mon Ami T-363
To walk with you at sunrise, run to you when darkness falls, In good faith and good humour, 'tis my joy to heed your call.

P & A T-51
Paris, 18th Century Manuscript. Like a red jewel, shining in a treasury of botanicals, blooms this sensuous sprawl of peony, Chinese symbol of wealth. 

Pentimento T-162
The ribbon of memory marks every artist's journey. Connecting past to present in time's long book.

Pierrot T-282
I am but a fool playing only for your love. Spare me your applause, kind madam; one caress will be enough.

Pursuit T-377
A master of mystery inks its journey's path, searching for its fate.

Red Silk T-369
With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown. - Chinese Proverb

River Bank T-376
Casting lessons of strength and easy laughter forever bonded by wild adventure.

Royal Fern T-283
Nature's instrument plays with a curious flourish.

Screen Passage T-298
Portal to memories past, and lingering scents of long forgotten gatherings.

Sea's Garden T-381
Ancient sanctuary of life, delicate and magical; the colonies that decorate our seas.

Shield T-379
Armoured plates, a balance between beauty and strength within.

Storyteller T-411
The minstrel plays to spread his spiritual liberation.

Traveller's Joy T368
Climbing ever upwards and free; the flower of mental beauty.

Tree Of Life - Evolution T-191
Winter is the season to dream the beginning. Like this great tree we are all rooted in one earth, ever changing, ever growing.

Under Stars T-109
The woven music of an unheard chord mysteriously moves the soul in us all.

White Horse T-104
The white horse shining spirit of majesty faithful steed linked by fable's golden bridle to all humankind.

Scribe AT Symbol SC-AT

Scribe # HT-AG

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