Jay Strongwater Anderson Blue Jay On Branch Figurine SDH1859-280

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SKU: SDH1859-280
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Size: 7 Inches Tall x 9.5 Inches Wide x 7 Inches Deep

Artistry and passion surround all of Jay's designs.

The initial sketch of Jay's blue jay figurine is translated into carved clay, to capture each feather and blossom in dimensional detail.

This finished clay model is separated to create 10 molds for casting in pewter and finishing in 14K gold.

After carefully fitting the cast pieces together, Jay's skilled artisans spend a full day painting and hand-setting the crystals to complete each figurine.

Pewter with a 14K gold and light brown antique finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals.

Handcrafted in New York and Rhode Island.

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SDH1859-280

Finish Color: Natural