Baccarat Crystal Artist Jaime Hayon

Baccarat Crystal Artist Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon was born in 1974 in Madrid, Spain. He began training as an industrial designer in Madrid and Paris. He began to work as a researcher in Treviso Italy in 1997, and by 1998, he was appointed head of the design department. He oversaw the development and interiors for shops, exhibitions, and restaurants as well as books, magazines, and logo designs.

He began an individual career in 2004 and ever since kept his hands full with miscellaneous projects. From toys, to furniture and interior design as well as artistic installations, his boldness has been transcending the borders of the often separated worlds of art and design, merging his own style with ease between the two.

His "Rencontre" with Baccarat is typical of his atypical talent. His masterful stylistic undertaking between colored cut crystal or pieces engraved with gold and metallic ceramics successfully bridges the gap betweens sumptuous transparency and velvety opaqueness.

Baccarat Crystal Recontre

In 2011, Hayon created the Baccarat Zoo. It's a crystal menagerie, reminiscent of an astonishing bestiary. The Spanish designer combined the sparkle of crystal with porcelain and gave birth to a wildlife triptych that's playful and results in pieces that are halfway between glamorous candy jars, and decorative objects.

Baccarat Crystal Zoo

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