Buy Franz Porcelain In The US And Save
1: We Price Match
Just let us know what piece of Franz Porcelain you are interested in and we will immediately price match it for you. We will even do our best to price match unauthorized sites, European-Asian sites and Ebay! We don't want collectors to be taken advantage of so let us protect you!


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2: We offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee On Most Every Item We Carry
Buying online from a picture can be very difficult. Sometimes things are just not what you expect them to be once they arrive. We want every one of our customers to be happy. So if you don't like your purchase for any reason, simply return it for a refund. Plus we DO NOT charge a restocking fee! Want to view our entire return policy? Click here
3: Your Information Is Kept Safe And In The US
We keep your personal information safe, secure, encrypted and INSIDE THIS COUNTRY! Don't share your credit card number and personal information with an unknown website in a foreign country that may have weak security and privacy laws. Credit card numbers and personal informaton are traded all across Europe and Asia. Keep your private information PRIVATE and out of their hands.
4: You Are Dealing With An American Company
We speak English and understand how American's want to be treated. Why deal with entities outside of the U.S. that don't understand you or your expectations?
5: Your Franz Porcelain Is Shipped From Inside The U.S
We inspect every figurine we sell before it is shipped. Since it is shipped to you from inside the U.S. and does not have to travel half way around the world, there is very little breakage. In the unlikely event that your purchase does arrive damaged we will immediately have the item picked up and reship you a brand new figurine at no expense to you.
6: Keep Your Money In This Country
When you buy in the USA, you help our economy, not theirs. This is more important than ever. Buying from an Authorized Franz Porcelain USA retailer helps american families and keeps our economy strong.
7: No International Duty When It Arrives
If an item is shipped from Europe/Overseas you will be stuck paying duty when it arrives. Your Franz purchase may seem like a deal now, but it might not look so good once you are stuck paying hundreds extra in Duty fees when it arrives.
8: We Sell Only First Quality Pieces
Are you buying a flawed, conterfeit or damaged Franz Porcelain Figurine? These types of pieces are rampant overseas and show up on questionable European/Asian sites that sell them to unsuspecting individuals in the United States. DON'T RISK IT!
9: We Can Get Any Piece Franz Porcelain Makes
If Franz Porcelain makes it, we can get it for you. We have most every piece of Franz made on our site, but if we are missing something let us know and we will get it for you.
10: We Are A Fully Authorized Franz Porcelain U.S.A. Retailer
Not only are we in the located inside the United States, we are a fully authorized Franz Porcelain USA retailer with many years of experience. We have extensive knowledge on every aspect of the Franz Porcelain line and can handle any issue you may encounter. If you have a question we can answer it.