Daum Crystal Cupidon 03491

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Daum Crystal Cupidon

Size: Height 13.25 Inches

Limited Edition Of 375 Pieces World Wide

This Baroque-influenced Cupidon demands silence as he draws an arrow from his quiver. Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV's favourite and an ardent protector of the sculptor, commissioned this work. The plaster model, which was exhibited at the 1755 Salon, seems to have belonged to Voltaire, who had a beautiful poem inscribed on the porcelain base: Qui que tu sois, voici ton m'etre, il l'est, le fut ou le doit etre (Whoever you are, here is your master/He is, was or will be that forever).

Made By Hand In France

Kiln Fired For 10 Days

Every piece is unique, no two Daum crystals are exactly alike.

Since 1878 Daum Crystal has been the ultimate in luxury.