Daum Crystal Paloma 05549

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Daum Crystal Paloma 05549

Size: 4 Inches Tall x 8.7 Inches Wide x 7.9 Inches Deep

Made By Hand In France

Kiln Fired For 10 Days

Every piece is unique, no two Daum crystals are exactly alike.

Since 1878 Daum Crystal has been the ultimate in luxury.

Limited To 500 Pieces

Daum introduces the Paloma, a piece of work by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez. According to the Roman legend, Mars, the God of War, was preparing for battle when he caught sight of a white dove nestling in his helmet and covering its eggs. Touched by the beauty and sweetness of the bird, the God felt pity for her. The war did not happen, and thus, the dove became a symbol of peace.