Jay Strongwater Claudette Floral Butterfly Bowl SDH2358-456

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SKU: SDH2358-456
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Pewter with a 18K gold finish from Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop

Jay loves the idea of decorating with unique statement accessories like the Claudette Floral Butterfly Bowl, glorious bouquet of tulips, peonies, and anemones, painted with layers of jewel-toned enamels and blazing with Swarovski crystals. The grandeur and floral exuberance of this centerpiece bowl begins with a silhouette of hand-forged brass scrolls woven with geranium leaves, cast in India. Brilliant jeweled flowers and butterflies sparkle against the bed of verdant-green-enameled leaves. Individually decorated in New York by Jay's finest artisans.

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SDH2358-456