Jay Strongwater Dacia Floral Branch Frame SPF5860-696

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SKU: SPF5860-696
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Size: 13 Inches Tall x 10 Inches Wide x 1 Inch Deep, Frame Size: 8 Inches x 10 Inches

Pewter with a non-tarnishing silver toned finish from Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop. Mahogany finished wood back plate and kick stand from Spain.

In the Composition collection, we set aside Jay's enamels and crystals allowing the natural beauty of the carved metals to shine through. A graceful composition of metal twigs and floral blossoms surround the Dacia frame in delicate beauty. This Dacia frame is casted in pewter and hand-polished to a silver tone finish by Jay's artisans in Rhode Island. Finalized with a mahogany finished wood back plate and kick stand, the Dacia frame can stand vertically or horizontally.

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SPF5860-696