Jay Strongwater Gilded Floral Cross Pendant Necklace Gold SJ9309-292

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SKU: SJ9309-292
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Size: 16 Inches Long x 1.25 Inches Wide x 2 Inches Tall

Cast in lead-free pewter, hand-polished in 18K gold. Hand-set with Swarovski crystals. 18K plated steel chain. Handcrafted in New York and Rhode Island.

This Gilded Floral Cross Pendant is perfect for every day but the exquisite carved details make it feel special. Each piece is carved in both high and low relief so the elevated areas can be hand-polished to a brilliant shine. Cast in pewter, hand-plated in 18K gold, and hand-set with Swarovski crystals.

Finish: Gold

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SJ9309-292