Jay Strongwater Natalie Orchid Frame SPF5801-256

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SKU: SPF5801-256
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Size: 9.25 Inches Tall x 7.5 Inches Wide

Part Of The Jay Strongwater Bloomsbury Collection

Finish: Flora

Hand Set With Swarovski Crystals

Hand Enameled Cast Pewter

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SPF5801-256

Picture Size: 5 Inches x 7 Inches

Pewter with a 14K gold and light brown antique finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals. Handcrafted in New York and Rhode Island.

Jay Strongwater might not have an actual garden to toil in, but the Natalie Orchid Frame grew from the seed of an idea in the New York studio, from early design to the first carved wax model capturing each orchid petals fluttering shape. These lush and exotic orchids are nurtured by artisans as they are molded in pewter; dipped in 14K gold; painted in magenta, violet, and lilac enamels; and set with sparkling gem-cut crystals. The velvety blossoms grace each piece with their fragile beauty on a background of creamy white enamel and glass. A gentle arching branch of speckled, enameled lavender orchids graces the creamy white frame.