Jay Strongwater Ollie Tiger's Eye Turtle Box Tiger's Eye SDH7377-287

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SKU: SDH7377-287
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Size: 2.5 Inches Tall x 4.75 Inches Wide x 2.75 Inches Deep

Pewter with an 18K matte gold and light brown antique finish with polished areas. Imported hand-cut Tiger Eye stones. Handcrafted in Rhode Island.

Slow and steady wins the race, so they say or perhaps they meant stunning and sparkly? Either way, this little turtle's a winner in Jay's book. A dazzling hand-cut, semiprecious tiger's eye cabochon is set in hammered 18K-gold-finished metal on Jay's Ollie Tiger's Eye Turtle Box. What a charming gift he would make!

Finish: Tiger's Eye

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SDH7377-287