MacKenzie Childs Cheltenham Round Knob

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Mackenzie Childs Cheltenham Round Knob13 15230 045

Size: 2.5" Dia x 1" long<

Handmade, hand-painted majolica.

With a classic silhouette of handmade, hand-glazed, and hand-painted ceramic, and august patterns of Courtly Checks® and faux marble, our Cheltenham Round Knob is one for the ages. While quite handsome from any distance, the intricate splendor emerges upon close inspection. Hand-painted by master artisans, Courtly Checks® are hardly a sterile two-tone affair, with a dash of rich jewel tones woven into each brushstroke. Likewise, the creation of faux marble is an art form in itself. After texturing hues of blues, greens, violets, and yellows with natural sea sponges, artisans use tools as unconventional as bird feathers to sculpt the veins that give marble its unmistakable cast. Embellished with gold lustre, Cheltenham Round Knobs serve as a regal accent on your most formal furnishing, or for an added touch of elegance to the everyday.

Item Number: Mackenzie Childs13 15230 045

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