MacKenzie Childs Dark Flower Basket Arm Chair

$ 2,295.00 USD

SKU: 247-7103
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Size: 28" wide, 40" tall, 19" deep.

As dramatic as a black-tie corsage, the Dark Flower Basket Armchair directs a theatrical arrangement of familiar favorites. Marked by our signature Courtly Checks, a gold-leaf apron enhanced with ceramic floral transfers, and hand-painting (including faux marble), this maple-framed chair with a woven rush seat also boasts gold dust banding, a handmade and decorated ceramic relief floral tile, and finials of natural stone and crimped brass. A scene-stealer set alone, it also performs exquisitely in an ensemble cast of Flower Basket Chairs, both light and dark.

Dust lightly. Wipe with damp cloth if needed.

Maple frame chair, woven rush seat with handmade, hand-painted majolica relieffloral tile, natural stone and crimped brass finials, brass filigree, artist colors, faux marble and checks, gold leaf apron with ceramic floral transfers, gold dust banding.