MacKenzie Childs Parchment Check Petite Four Square Knob

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SKU: 15290-140
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Mackenzie Childs Parchment Check Petite Four Square Knob 13 15290 140

Size: 1.5" Square

Handmade, hand-painted majolica.

While quite handsome from any distance, the intricate splendor of our Parchment Check„¢ Petit Four Square Knob emerges upon closer inspection. Hand-painted onto a petite ceramic square, our signature color-dragged checks have a dash of subtle accent hues woven into each brushstroke. Gold lustre dots add a little shine right up front and center. With fresh yet timeless palettes painted onto silhouettes of bold angles and graceful curves, our Petit Four Square Knobs mix and match wonderfully with each other and other knob patterns to brighten any space with a style all your own.

Item Number: Mackenzie Childs13 15290 140

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