Michael Aram Block Coffee Table 411514

$ 3,000.00 USD

SKU: 411514
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Size: 14.5 Inches Tall x 37 Inches Wide x 37 Inches Long

Made From: Polished Aluminum

Michael Aram Item Number: 411514

The Michael Aram Block Collection was inspired by the clean, linear proportions of contemporary interiors, so often influenced by mid-20th century design. In his process, Michael incorporated many concepts of blocks-the deeply recognizable patterns found in Mondrian-s color-block art, the idea of the city blocks of Manhattan and the predictable lattice-work they create, even the texture of blocks of natural stone which introduces a different take on Michael's well-known organic motifs. The collection comes together in a series of objects which all fit within a single large grid but can be arranged in an endless number of variations.

Part Of Michael Aram's Block Collection