Sid Dickens Scribe R Memory Block SCR

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Sid Dickens Scribe R Memory Block

Size: 8 Inches Tall x 6 Inches Wide

To further personalize the possibility of commemoration, Sid Dickens has created Scribe, a collection of Memory Blocks that consists of the letters of the alphabet, the "&" symbol, and the numbers 0 through 9.

This collection is designed to allow collectors an unlimited potential to customize their collections or a gift chosen specifically for a person or an event in mind. The Sid Dickens Scribe Collection provides the means to create a personalized mythology with these handcrafted original works of art.

Each Sid Dickens Memory Block is made from hand-poured plaster

Every tile is hand-painted by talented artists who also apply different finishes, including silver and gold leafing

Memory Blocks are then hand-stained to ensure the consistency of style through the different tiles

Part Of The Sid Dickens Scribe Collection

Sid Dickens Memory Block Item Number: SCR