Baccarat Crystal Artist Marcel Wanders

Baccarat Crystal Artist Marcel Wanders

Marcel was born in Boxtel, Netherlands in 1963. After graduating from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in 1988, he moved to Amsterdam to open his own studio. In 1996, he struck gold with his now-iconic Knotted Chair. He is a poet and a designer, his Dutch roots rich with creativity and talent--he is directly linked to Vermeer, the famous Dutch painter.

Marcel finds a lot of his inspiration from the natural world. La Foret des Songes (The Forest of Songs) is a collection consisting of candle jars that are decorated with lace patterns in various thickness. The lace and design of these candles is a lot like what a song makes you feel. It weaves and ebbs like a river in a forest.

Baccarat Crystal La Foret de Songes

Les Rois de la Foret (The Kings of the Forest) is a collection of vases with polished metal or marble bases. These vases are incredibly popular, but are limited edition. These vases are certainly built for kings. They take the stage and they command presence.

Baccarat Crystal Les Rois de la Foret

L'Ivresse des Bois (The Drunken Wood) is a collection of beautiful cut carafes and wine glasses. The stems are the trunk until they branch out to hold the wine. Interestingly, the circles with the human head and the circle is practically a logo for Wanders.

Baccarat Crystal L'Ivresse des Bois

And finally is the L'Esprit des Bois (The Spirit of the Woods), a collection of lace-etched glasses in the same base as the La Foret des Songes. Here, Wanders creates a whole new feel to a glass. Alone, these glasses will not be able to stand, just like the branches of a tree. You have to put the glass in the base in order for it to stand.

Baccarat Crystal L'Esprit des Bois

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