Emilio Robba

Daum Crystal Artist Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba was born into a family of Italian artists living in Paris. Even from a young age, Robba knew his artistic roots would help guide him through life. Like most artists, he began to paint and study form at the extremely well-known Beaux-Arts school in France. Quickly he learned that he loved nature, which then lead him to the art of floral design.

From there, Robba came across the orchid--the flower of flowers and with which, he achieved his first great inspirations. The orchid became his emblem, and he plays a role in exposing the flower everywhere as a precious treasure. Today, a phalaenopsis orchid charries his name. In 1980, Pierre Cardin asked him to create a retail store selling the finest flower under the prestigious label, "Maxim's de Paris." While there, Robba developed a taste for multi-creation and began his transformation into a designer. He designed his own collection of "Flowers of Illusion," and imagined the first contemporary draped vases, which brought him instant fame. He became known, "The Sculptor of Flowers."