Jean-Philippe Richard

Daum Crystal Artist Jean-Philippe Richard

Jean-Philippe Richard was born in Paris of 1947. He began painting and making mosaics at first, but later took to using plaster molds on the themes of Egypt and Provencal frescoes. The better he became with molding, the better he grasped the concept of sculpture. He toyed the idea of creating without being imprisoned in one technique. Through his sculpture, Jean-Philippe invites us to explore femininity and beauty. He never draws his ideas prior to sculpting them, because he believes what he wants to sculpt is already in the block.

He strips emotions bare, then gives them form through tireless work. He exclusively sculpts women. She is his passion: the eternal feminine, a sensual, slender, tender, and passionate woman. His women show a tender assurance and a moving serenity through finely-featured faces with eyes shut or half-closed. Their features are elongated, with slender figures that exaggeratedly long or round. His sculptures are a mixture of gentleness and strength, mystery and eternity.