As humanity jumps into the new decade full of technological wonders,  Jay Strongwater still cherishes the art of handcrafted products. Days spent mixing the right color of crimson red enamel to paint a Lush Rose Objet. Hundreds of hours hand-setting over four thousand twinkling rose Swarovski crystals on an adorable Piggy Bank. Months sculpting an exquisite Peacock perched high on a twisted branch. At Jay Strongwater, the year 2020 is not only a new decade but the start of their 25th anniversary and while he only looks forward with sparkling new collections, his foundation continues to be built on Jay's time-honored heritage of fine craftsmanship.

Jay Strongwater New Picture Frames

The Spring 2020 collection is a super bloom of luxurious flowers bringing the beauty of nature right into your home. Finely carved, painted and jeweled rose and tulip blossoms are exquisite additions to his growing series of framed botanical wall art. The petals of the flower pillar candle holder unfold in vivid magenta, pink and lime enamels with a fluttering jeweled butterfly while a beautiful Stargazer Lily Objet captivates any table it rests upon.

Jay Strongwater Frames

A punch of whimsy literally drips over a white enamel Tiger Figurine in brilliant paint box hues sparkling with over 2,000 crystals. That classic Rubber Ducky is completely re imagined as a precious jeweled box in 14K gold finished metal gleaming with over three thousand Swarovski Topaz crystals. Show our tongue-in-cheek style as you check your style in the playful ‘Wow’ and ‘Lip’ Mirrored Compacts.

Jay Strongwater 2020 Figurines

Jay initially created the Butterfly Egg Objet by cutting out paper butterflies and pinning them around the egg shaped model. From there meticulously carved butterflies in metal are fitted across the curved surface, and a flutter of more butterflies hover from above. While another egg – this time an adorable box – has a sweet white bunny nuzzling up to a bouquet of spring’s finest lilacs. Iridescent striped Angel Fish Figurines shimmer with hundreds of white opal crystals. The pair swim through undulating brass kelp set on a sea blue coral base while a cute hermit crab box walks on by.

Jay Strongwater Boxes

Jay's flower designs always look fresh, crisp and serene when composed in a beloved combination of blue and white. 14K gold finished floral blossoms gently scatter around frames, a clock and vase painted in lapis, indigo, and ivory enamels with Sapphire and White Opal crystal highlights.

Jay Strongwater Flowers

You can feel the hands of the artisans forging the brass to form each individual Magnolia Table. A singular oversized blossom under a beveled glass top, supported by twisted twigs and branches with jeweled leaves and butterflies. For spring, we revisit this now classic design in a warm palette of amber, caramel and cream enamels handset with over 2,000 Topaz and Opal Swarovski crystals.
Jay loves sharing with you all the beautiful new Spring 2020 designs. A sensational culmination of his ever-evolving design aesthetic paired with flawless craftsmanship – a true luxury.

Jay Strongwater Piggy Bank
February 17, 2020 by Biggs Ltd

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