Antica Murrina Jewlery

Fashion and tradition, design and workmanship. These elements combine in the mission of Antica Murrina with its values of uniqueness and authenticity. The key to success for Antica Murrina lies in the expertise of the management combined with the passion of Voltolina family and their never-ending love for glass.

With its craftsmanship and production capacity, Antica Murrina produces unique items unfolding ancient history. Established in 1980s, Antica Murrina managed through the years to combine tradition with a dynamic evolving reality thus introducing worldwide an Italian design quality product. Their connection to the Venetian tradition has always been very strong.

The exquisite glass canes are created on the island of Murano and are handcrafted following ancient techniques handed down from master to master. The very name of the company and its first logo were thought following the name of the typical Venetian manufacture created by using the hand pulled Millefiori glass canes. The inspiration for the collections are always deeply connected to Venice, its Laguna and its unique and typical sites.

Being eco-friendly is an important mission; since 1960s Antica Murrina has been working glass, a never ending recyclable element, by following tradition thus respecting the environment. Delicate yet strong, glass has been enchanting for 3000 years like no other element, for its transparency and malleability. Glass originates from the fusion of natural elements and amorphous powders which come back to life through fire.