Lladro Jewelry
Everyone knows that Lladro makes the finest porcelain statues in the world. But many don't realize that Lladro makes jewelry. Some may remember Lladro's ill fated attempt in the 90's with their Talismania Jewelry Collection. The pieces generally consisted of a small piece of porcelain with a leather "necklace" cord attached. Overall the jewelry designs lacked inspiration and were quickly discontinued.

Lladro Jewelry

Over the next two decades Llado dabbled at bit with a few other jewelry concepts. The Magic Forest and Animal Heroes Jewelry Collections had a bit more style but never seemed to captivate Lladro collectors or the general public. The pieces were still grounded by a lack of creativity. It was as if Lladro didn't want to stray too far from what people expected from the over 50 year old brand.

Fast forward to today and things couldn't be more different. Lladro's newest jewelry collections are a break from the past and throw caution to the wind with exciting new styles and bold designs. Inspiration is taken from nature and transformed into original contemporary designs that are a breath of fresh air. New Lladro jewelry collections include Actinia, Heliconia, Pebbles, Rainbow, Aquarium, Paradise, Twiggy, Hearts, Orchid, Coral Reef and Lola.


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