Lladro Lakshmi Figurine 01001966 has sold out
A few years ago Lladro started a series of Hindu pieces titled The Spirit Of India Collection. The first was a Limited Edition Ganesha that
quickly sold out and now sells for almost double the issue price. Their latest release, The Lladro Lakshmi has just sold out at Lladro and is only available while supplies last. This piece is destined to become one of the most sought after pieces Lladro Figurines has ever created. It is the only Hindu piece that has been created in High Porcelain, a term Lladro reserves for it most complex creations.

The Goddess Lakshmi 01001966 :
Size: 19 inches tall x 12.5 inches wide
Limited Edition Of 720 Pieces Worldwide
Sculpted by Francisco Polope
Accentuated with a true Diamond
Wood base included

There is a new version of the Lladro Goddess Sri Lakshmi Figurine 01009229 available now.

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