Introducing Saint-Louis Crystal. 

St Louis Crystal Chandleiers
   In 1586, a simple glasswork company was established in France but two centuries later, King Louis XV gave permission for it to become the “Royal Glassworks". Shortly afterwards “Saint-Louis“ was added to its name. In 1781, they became the first manufactory in continental Europe to produce lead crystal. Known for crystal that glistens like diamonds, St. Louis actually uses diamond cutting techniques in their production. The stunning line of crystal which was once used on the tables of royalty has stayed relevant over the years by drawing inspiration from contemporary trends. Using brilliant color in their crystal has added a stunning modern twist and the addition of playful artistic shapes has kept St. Louis not only relevant, it has made them one of the most popular brands of crystal in the world.
St Louis Crystal Glasses & Barware

   St. Louis offers beautiful crystal that can be used every day. They offer tableware, glasses, vases, chandeliers as well as pendant lighting. Perfect objects for everyday use made by over 200 artisans in France and shipped globally. Some of these artists are up to the seventh generation of artists within a family to work at St. Louis. Even though this luxurious line of crystal has been favored by royalty and aristocrats for over 400 years, it still graces the homes of the discerning individual all over the world. Feel free to browse the collection below and email us if we can assist you in any way.


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