Exultation of Heaven and Earth Ding (Nobility) - Dragon Vessel, Chinese Ding Figurine $7,800. 5.59"L x 16.06"D x 12.80"H inches. Limited to 200 world-wide.
   Honoring China's ancient history, Far East and all its culture and traditions have brought Liuli Crystal to this point. Liuligonfang is a form of archaic Chinese glass-work created using the pate-de-verre lost wax method. Liuli artisans create one of the most unique and luxurious crystal lines in the world. Works created by Liuli Gongfang have become part of the permanent collection of London's Victoria and Albert Museum as well as the Palace Museum in Beijing's Forbidden City. 
   What is a “Ding?” Is it merely a vessel with which to hold riches? Why do the Chinese use them to honor their ancestors and the celestial beings of the universe? Who was the first to create a “ding” cauldron? What do its etchings and carvings mean? Why is it so important?

  Embodiment of Beauty-Pure Magnolia Flower (Courage) - $3,278  
8.35"L x 8.35"D x 8.46"H inches 

The True Meaning Of "Ding" In The Chinese Culture.

   When you realize that 3,900 years ago at the height of China’s Bronze Age, historic emperor Xia Yu created a series of nine bronze “ding” tripods, then you truly begin to have a grasp of the deep history of such art. The series, dubbed “Nine Tripod Cauldrons” by historians, represented the nine regions under his rule and each possessed its own persona. They are Liberty with dignity, mildness with firmness, bluntness and respect, political prowess with caution, docility with boldness, directness with gentleness, ease and discernment, resolution with sincerity, and courage combined with justice.
Grace of the Phoenix Ding (Nobility) - $3,388 
5.20"L x 13.39"D x 9.33"H inches

   Tradition teaches us many things. It teaches us how to care for our land and one another, imparting the wisdom of those who have come before us. It teaches us the histories—both written and oral—of our people, using stories to define and identify who we are today. Tradition is the power behind which new stories are built, and old ones are retold. Bringing all of those values together is art. What we describe now as “artifacts” of ancient cultures can be understood as one and the same as the “art” of modern culture. They are symbols of their way of life.

Harmonious Realization - Scoop of the Moon - $13,600
Bowl: 11.81"L x 11.81"D x 7.87"H inches
Scoop: 21.65"L x 4.72"D x 4.72"H inches

   These values transgress mere codes of conducts to reflect all of human nature and a harmonious civilization.The dings serve as artifacts representing your deepest principles, drawing upon those principles to guide your strength. Four millennia later, you may find that not only have these values been unchanged, but they are more crucial than ever in aligning human paths with one another. That is why such art, artifacts, and symbols not only carry your greatest riches, but your deepest values. They are the symbols that carry culture and wisdom.

The Grand World - (Ambitious) - $730
4.96"L x 3.11"D x 5.20"H inches

Celebratory Ding - (Respectful) - $560
4.76"L x 8.50"D x 4.13"H inches

Divine Dragon (Protecting Hope) - $515
3.50"L x 7.09"D x 5.04"H inches

August 27, 2018 by Donna Biggs

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