Swarovski Collector Society SCS 2021 Annual Editions

Swarovski SCS 2021 Annual Edition Figurines

As a fixture of the African landscape – and found across most of the southern half of the continent – the zebra was Swarovski Crystal's designer’s top choice for the dazzling SCS Annual Edition 2021. Embodying the captivating contrasts of the nimble African equine, the graceful Swarovski SCS Zebra Amai Figurine stands aloof, her beguiling stripes and 457 sparkling facets inviting admiration.

In the wild, the stripes of a zebra are one of its identifying features. However, beautiful though they may be, transferring these iconic markings to crystal presented one of the greatest design challenges for the Swarovski team. To ensure that the SCS Zebra Amai was captured in all her striped majesty, without losing any sparkle, a special coating was developed. As a result, the SCS Zebra Amai’s dazzling crystal is now embellished with an elegant Jet, Silver Night and Golden Shine effect – a beautiful combination that brings the equine’s boldest feature to life.

Swarovski 2021 SCS Annual Edition Statues

Joining SCS Zebra Amai, whose name means “mother” in the Shona language of Zimbabwe, is the adorable SCS Zebra Baby Zuri. As herd animals, zebras are rarely seen alone. They live in stable family groups, in which the females are doting mothers who nurse their foals for up to 18 months. The enchanting zebra foal, SCS Zebra Baby Zuri, whose name means “beautiful” in Swahili, shares her mother’s striking Silver Night and Golden Shine effect stripes. When placed together, the SCS Zebra Amai and SCS Zebra Baby Zuri create a touching scene, which brings the splendor and emotion of Africa to your home.

The grey crowned crane is the national bird of Uganda and a stunning member of the SCS Elegance of Africa collection. With a name meaning “graceful” in Swahili, the Swarovski SCS Crane Neema is at once the embodiment of striking African contrasts and dazzling sophistication. In the marshes of East Africa, the meter-high bird is known to dance when trying to catch the eye of a mate. Its crystal counterpart is similarly eye-catching, with 427 facets providing the bird with sparkle. A smoked topaz gives the SCS Crane Neema its grey coloring, while a beautiful synthetic hair crown represents the unique golden crown of feathers that adorns the species’ head.

In combination, Swarovski Collectors Society Elegance of Africa Figurines promise to transport you to the enchanting continent.

February 02, 2021 by Biggs Ltd

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