The 2020 SCS Ornaments are now the 2020 Festive Ornaments
In an effort to reduce confusion (sarcasm alert) Swarovski this year has taken the gold SCS annual large and small ornaments and has renamed them the Festive Ornaments.  Another change is that they will no longer require an SCS membership to order them.  The Festive ornaments will still be done annually and continue to be the gold version of the clear annual ornament.  It is not known at this time if the boxing will be gold like previous SCS years or be blue like the clear and red annual ornaments.  So if you are searching for the 2020 SCS ornament and not finding one...  this is the reason why.


Mary Peter

Mary Peter said:

I think the gold packaging is much more elegant than the blue with the lovely gold annual large ornament !
Too hard to locate this gold ornament in 2020?

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