Michael Aram Conch Shell Sculpture 176033

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Size: 8 Inches Tall x 22.5 Inches Wide x 11.5 Inches Long

Made From: Antique Goldtone Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Michael Aram Item Number: 176033

Michael Aram's limited edition sculptures are handmade artistic explorations inspired by objects and ideas which capture Michael's imagination. The sculptures are limited to 500 editions each and are individually crafted so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. "I have long been fascinated with natural coral formations and have been involved in coral reef conservation through SeaWeb, raising awareness of the need to preserve coral reefs from destruction. I also do this through my creation of coral art which is sculpted, not living or destroyed. Corals are the most incredible living organisms which provide shelter and sustenance for other undersea creatures. Their formations are varied and beautiful and continue to inspire my work."

Part Of Michael Aram's Limited-Special Editions Collection