Starlite Originals The Creator's Messenger 3171

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Starlite Originals The Creator's Messenger 3171 by Kitty Cantrell

Long ago when the earth was new and in harmony, the Ojibwa who called themselves Anishinabeg, disrespected their surroundings. This angered The Creator, who sent a warning that the people would be destroyed. The bald eagle was a close friend of the Anishinabeg. When he heard the news, he volunteered to fly to The Creators world.

Limited To 500

Length: 35"

Width: 18.5"

Height: 25"

Pewter Sculpture Overlaid With Various Metals

Also Colored With Hot-Torched Acid Patinas

Starlite Studio Original sculptures are made from a combination of different materials, such as bronze, pewter, Lucite, acrylic, porcelain, resin and wood.