A graduate of the Professional College of Art in Taiwan, Lei Chiang is a talented artist who is skillful in photography, sculpture and design. Chiang believes being creative is the best gift that God gives to anyone. He cherishes this gift more than anything else in the world and insists on representing the superb magnificence of God-made Nature.

------Johnny Ho

Both sculptor and designer, Johnny Ho is an all-around artist and is determined to find the true beauty of life through porcelain. His brilliant works have earned many awards on the worldwide stage. Papillon Butterfly Collection was honored as Best in Gift at the New York International Gift Fair and also earned the Rising Star Award at the 12th Taiwanese Artistry Design Event. The Council of Cultural Affaires of Taiwan awarded Best in Style to his Dragonfly collection. His Ladybug collection, was named Best Designed Candleholder by the National Association of Gift & Collectible Retailers.

Mary Janninck & Michael Mammina------FRANZ PORCELAIN DESIGNERS

During Mary's over fifteen year design career, she has been instrumental in the development of more than fifty well known licensed and private label brands. Her extensive experience in trend forecasting and product development, coupled with a singular sense of style and color, has created an enviable track record of success in the gift, collectible and home decor industries.

Michael's unique and innovative designs have delighted distributors, retailers and consumers for over twenty years. This reflects not only his creative flair, but also a keen talent for design that enhances efficiency and results. He has advanced more than a dozen recognized brands across a broad range of industries including collectibles, entertainment, apparel and publishing.


He is excellent in sketch, watercolors, design, and many different types of sculpture: copper, stone, wood and metal.

Very fond of sculpture and painting, James believes that all artistic subject matters originate from Mother Nature. All Nature's creations can be expressed with a new look and this new look can touch people's hearts in a unique way.


Chao Sun, legendary ceramic artist and Art Consultant for Franz Collection Inc., has devoted more than 30 years to researching ancient glazing techniques.

Sun was a key influencer in the launch of Franz Porcelain, and played an important role in how Francis Chen, founder and president of Franz Collection Inc., drove the direction of the company. Demonstrating an understanding of the possibilities of porcelain, he conducted systematic research into the techniques of ceramic glazes and firings applied throughout the Chinese dynasties, and then applied modern techniques suitable for today's market.

While researching new glazes and techniques to improve the aesthetics of chinaware, Sun's expertise also has influenced the artistic cultivation of the company's output both in form and context, and his sharp instincts have guided the distinguished style of Franz porcelain.

With a decade-long tenure at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, which houses ancient ceramics of the Chinese emperors, Sun's own designs are highly acclaimed and have been purchased to supplement collections in distinguished museums including London's British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum.

His work has also gained attention in other prestigious museums all over the world, including the German Staatliche Museen Kassel and Uebersee Museum Bremen, which held individual exhibitions of Sun's work. The most famous ceramic museum in North America - Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York - also collects his works.


In 2005, when Francis Chen, Founder and CEO of Franz Collection, was visiting Jean Boggio's hometown, nearby Lyon, France, Francis was introduced to Jean's studio and he immediately fell in love with his art. During the visit, Jean was inspired by Francis' vision in branding and porcelain business.

A multi-talented creative spirit, Jean Boggio is best known in France for his magical jewelery creations. His extravagant "palace" rings, a daring concept that first appeared in 1988, have been a major influence, as have been his circus characters, grouped together as a bracelet or in the form of a necklace. Originally trained as a gold and silversmith, this native of Lyon has also been at work behind the scenes for prestigious tableware companies such as Baccarat and Haviland, and also for the luxury goods company, Les Héritiers. From his workshop in the Beaujolais region, he now specializes in jewelery, a passion of his since 1984.

Ever since it was launched in 2006, Jean Boggio has gained unprecedented popularity among both porcelain collectors and designers. This collection has been exhibited in the National Museum of Adrien Dubouche in Limoges, France since 2007. Due to its overwhelming popularity, the museum is presented Jean Boggio's special exhibition in the summer of 2008.


Ute Patel-Missfeldt is known for revolutionizing the art of silk painting. As a distinguished tutor of fine arts in Germany and an internationally experienced lecturer and designer, Patel-Missfeldt has, for years, taught aspiring artists and students the art of painting on silk, a talent she has continuously exhibited through her elegant art works. She is well known for the use of diverse colors and forms, and her incredibly detailed brushwork has gained her worldwide recognition.

She is a sought after designer of porcelain and jewelry. She has isplayed her artwork at various individual exhibitions from New York to Cairo, including joint expositions in conjunction with original works by Dali and Picasso. She has perfected the art of painting on silk, designed beautifully painted porcelain dishes, and created exquisite women's fashion through her unique designs. She is also renowned for her paintings of women, which portray the confidence and beauty behind the everyday woman.

Patel-Missfeldt has received praise from media all over the world, and has earned a place in the prestigious "Who's Who" book, which features biographical sketches of the most influential people around the world. She is also the author of more than 20 volumes of expert literature and an internationally experienced lecturer at various academies throughout Europe.


Artist and designer G.G. Santiago is widely recognized in the world of fine gifts and collectibles for the unique quality of her work and stunning artistic talent. For more than 20 years, Santiago has been producing and designing many lines of collectible gifts, and has continuously been recognized in the gift and collectibles industry for her whimsical and highly detailed pieces.

Santiago has tremendous history and skills in illustrating and sculpting with a vast range of materials. She is recognized as one of America's most beloved children's artists with the creation of popular characters like the Rainbow Brite collection.

Having worked with Santiago for many years, Franz has opened its doors to this award-winning artist, and proudly presents the first G.G. Santiago jewelry collection, along with new introductions to the Santiago porcelain tabletop collection. The Franz Collection features G.G. Santiago sculptured porcelain design vases, and a G.G. Santiago jewelry line, including Rhodium plated brass and sculptured porcelain earring sets, pendants and brooches.

Residing in Northern Indiana, Santiago works from her studio in the country and draws her inspiration from the surrounding nature and wildlife.

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