Biggs Ltd. is proud to offer the Lladro Assurance Program on every current Lladro sculpture we offer.

With the LAP, Lladro offers collectors peace of mind againt breakage that allows you to enjoy your sculptures for a long time. Lladro therefore insures your sculptures at no charge from the date of purchase. In the event of breakage, you can purchase your sculpture again, or another one of equal or lesser value, from Biggs Ltd. at 33% off the current suggested retail price. If the damage is only to a replaceable part, your Lladro will supply replacements parts at no cost (only in exceptional cases special parts will be charged).

Worry Free Assurance

Each new Lladro sculpture that you purchase from Biggs Ltd will have a Lladro Assurance Program (LAP) certificate inside the box. Use the LAP certificate with your details to register it online at Once registered you can rest comfortably knowing that your beautiful work of art is an authentic Lladro figurine and protected against flaws and/or breakage.

Only valid on current Lladro Figurines purchased from a fully authorized U.S. Lladro Retailer
Lladro U.S.A. does not warranty European purchases.
Not valid on retired pieces, or any piece that has the Lladro tulip stamp ground off the bottom. (this designates them as a second or flawed piece)

Lladro Figurines Tulip Marking

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