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Q. Is it true that NAO is made by the same company that produces Lladro Porcelain?

A. That is correct. NAO has always been part of the Lladro Group ownded by the Lladro family. NAO porcelains are produced in the company's own local workshops located in Valencia Spain.


Q. Do the same artisans produce both brands?

A. No. The artisian manufacture of both lines has always been separated. The fact that NAO belongs to the Lladro Group guarantees that the quality in craftsmanship and the techniques used are in line with the extremely rigorous standards of Lladro.


Q. Is the story true about the apprentices of Lladro being trained at NAO?

A. No. The mastery and quality of the NAO artisians come from their experience in the brand, which in many cases is a matter of long years. NAO figurines are designed and created by skilled craftsman trained specifically for the NAO line.


Q. How is the name NAO pronounced and what does it mean?

A. It is pronounced N-O-W and is the Spanish word for "old sailing vessel". The logo features a sailing ship with the company name, on what we would like to think is a homeward journey loaded with the rare spices of creativity, skill and magic.


Q. Why are NAO figurines less expensive that Lladro sculptures?

A. Simpler designs, fewer molds, and fewer colors allow for the production of NAO figurines at more moderate prices. Both brands are leaders in quality and value at their respective price points.


Q. I'm not really a collector. Why would I want to purchase a NAO figurine?

A. From bridal to the birth of a new baby, there is a perfect gift for every occasion. The large variety of figurines, each of which touches the heart, allows you to choose a gift that is both personal and memorable.


Q. Which are the countries with the biggest number of NAO enthusiasts?

A. Appreciation towards NAO porcelains extends all over the world, but it could be said that Spain, the United Kingdom , and the U.S. are the primary markets. Click Here To View NAO Porcelain figurines