Do You Have A Lladro Story Or Anecdote ? We want to hear it!

We love Lladro. We can't seem to get enough of it. The style, creativity and craftsmanship speak to us in a way that nothing else can. Collectors have embraced these wonderful creations and brought them into their lives, homes, holidays, celebrations and even their vacations. Parents celebrate their children's milestones, couples place a beautiful piece atop their wedding cake and husbands capture their adoration for their spouse with an elegant Lladro figurine. Each of these moments have a unique story attached. One that we relieve each time we gaze upon these timeless mementos.

Share your loving memories of a special Lladro moment with us. Let the world know how Lladro has shaped your life and brought your family and friends together. Over the next few months we will post a few of these heart warming stories for the world to share. So take a few minutes and let us know an experience that Lladro has helped shape.

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