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Trying to find information on a retired Lladro Figurine?

Here is a question we get on a daily basis.
I have an older Lladro Figurine and would like more information on it. What should I do? Or, I am looking for a piece I saw years ago and always wished that I had purchased but now it is retired. How can I acquire it?

When you have been creating porcelain works of art for as long as Lladro has, you will build up an incredible array of sculptures. How would one go about finding information on a piece from years past? Once pieces retire and are no longer being made, where do you go to find out what they are worth?

Well don't fret because we have the answer. It's aretiredcollection.com of course!
This is an incredible site that has everything you need to know about retired Lladro from decades past. Whether you want to sell your Lladro collection or find that special piece you missed, this is where you should start. Janet Gale Hammer owns and operates A RETIRED COLLECTION, which specializes in the secondary market for retired Lladro figurines. With the most extensive library of retired Lladro Figurine pictures, prices and information, aretiredcollection.com has been recognized by the Lladro family as a trusted site that all collectors should check out! We have, why don't you?

Kinda funny though that a person with the last name of Hammer runs a Lladro site. Normally you would want to keep those away from your Lladro collection!



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How Lladro Figurines Are Made

Hot Hot Hot - Lladro Figurines Trial By Fire

The door closes and suddenly its pitch black. Slowly the temperature begins to rise getting hotter and hotter. The heat increases until the outer glaze and porcelain body begin to fuse. At this very moment Lladro Porcelain becomes completely water proof and the fabulous colors are seared into the figurines. This is the "Trial By Fire" that every piece of Lladro must go through. 

Click Here To Read About How Lladro Porcelain Figurines Are Made

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Lladro Porcelain History

How did Lladro Porcelain Figurines get started?

How did the number one line of figurines in the world get started? That's a great question. From quite humble beginnings, the three Lladro  brothers have risen to worldwide  acclaim. Starting in the early fifties with a small hand-built kiln in their backyard, the Lladro brothers began to shape the world of porcelain. Over the next six decades they have refined their creative processes and turned their passion into a true art form.

Read the entire story of Lladro's rise to international recognition here.

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Lladro Introduces Balaji Lord Venkateshwara Figurine

Lladro Introduces Balaji Lord Venkateshwara Figurine

Lladro has announced the release of Balaji Lord Venkateshwara Figurine 01002009. This incredible work of art stands out for its majestic and exuberant decoration, luxuriously covered with porcelain flowers. A combination of matte and glaze, finished with gold, platinum and metallic tones. Even more impressive is the dazzling floral decoration, made up of a total of 1,866 flowers that cover the side columns and the different garlands worn by the god. An impressive work carried out in meticulous detail, petal by petal, by Lladro artists. 

Lladro Balaji Lord Venkateshwara 01002009

Lord Balaji is a powerful god. Such is his strength and goodness that he is even capable of destroying the sins of mankind, which makes him the Lord of Miracles. He is also the protagonist of a beautiful love story, which makes him one of the most revered deities in India. The Lladro artists have represented Balaji, one of the forms adopted by Vishnu, in a limited series of High Porcelain, the brand’s maximum expression of beauty and technical perfection.

Lladro Balaji Lord Venkateshwara 01002009

Balaji married the mortal maiden Padmavati, the daughter of the king of the seven hills of Tirumala, but he must pay a huge sum for her. Until he settles the debt he must remain on Earth and cannot return to his heavenly abode. Thousands of pilgrims visit his temple in Tirumala every year and offer him donations to help him pay the commitment to his beloved's father. If the offerings are made with a pure heart, Balaji responds by fulfilling all their prayers.

Lladro Balaji Lord Venkateshwara 01002009

Tirupati, the Home of Lord Balaji, has long been the destination of many newlywed couples who pray for a happy wedding just like that of Srinivasa and Padmavati.


Click Here To View The Balaji Lord Venkateshwara Figurine

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Lladro Figurines 2020 Spring New Releases

Lladro Figurines 2020 Spring New Releases

With turmoil around the world we all can use something to take our minds to a better place. Thankfully Lladro has just announced their 2020 Spring new releases and for a few minutes we can bask in the beauty that only Lladro can create. 


Here is a list of the new releases.

Lladro 2020 Figurine Of The Year - Follow Your Star 01009449
Lladro Nymphs in Love Bird Figurine 01009447
Lladro Hearts Metal Ring Violet & Red 01010271
Lladro Hearts Pendant Violet & Red 01010270
Lladro Hearts Stud Earrings Violet & Red 01010272
Lladro Durga Figurine 01002021
Lladro Attentive Bunny Blue Gold Figurine 01009448
Lladro Born In 2020 Boy Figurine 01018458
Lladro Born In 2020 Girl Figurine 01018459
Lladro Butterfly Blue Gold Figurine 01009452
Lladro Butterfly Coral Gold Figurine 01009453
Lladro Butterfly White Gold Figurine 01009451
Lladro Cherry Blossoms Dome Lithophane 01023989
Lladro Colby Protective Penguin Figurine 01009439
Lladro Cupid Figurine 01009408
Lladro Elsa Figurine 01009113
Lladro English Purebred Figurine 01009469
Lladro Flamenco Soul Figurine 01009470
Lladro Golden Kois Candle 01040202
Lladro Hearts Earrings Violet & Red 01010273
Lladro Heavenly Heart Angel Figurine 01009444
Lladro Koi Accessory 01009461
Lladro Koi Bowls 01009460
Lladro Koi Box Figurine 01009450
Lladro Koi Plate 01009458
Lladro Koi Sake Cups 01009459
Lladro Koi Vase 01009462
Lladro Lion With Cub Figurine 01009454
Lladro Lola  Stud Earrings Pink & Red 01010281
Lladro Lola Open Choker Pink & Red 01010278
Lladro Lola Pendant Pink & Red 01010279
Lladro Medieval Knight Figurine 01002019
Lladro My Little Sweetie Matte White Figurine 01009430
Lladro My Moment Figurine 01009468
Lladro My Sweet Cupcake Boy Figurine 01009446
Lladro My Sweet Cupcake Girl Figurine 01009445
Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp White Gold 01024036
Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp White Small 01024046
Lladro Nightbloom Hanging Lamp Gold 01024039
Lladro Nightbloom Hanging Lamp Gold 01024042
Lladro Nightbloom Table Lamp White Gold 01024032
Lladro Nightbloom Wall Light White Gold 01024028
Lladro Panther Blue Figurine 01009456
Lladro Panther Coral Figurine 01009457
Lladro Princess Leia's New Hope Figurine
Lladro Puffy Generous Rabbit Figurine 01009440
Lladro Reese Intuitive Owl Figurine 01009442
Lladro Rhino Blue Gold Figurine 01009471
Lladro Roby Corageous Bear Figurine 01009443
Lladro Sophisticated Look Figurine 01009437
Lladro Sunny Loyal Fox Figurine 01009441
Lladro The Art Of Movement Figurine 01009438
Lladro The Orange Guest Little Figurine 01007749
Lladro Toucan Crystal Glasses & Stirrers Set 01009465
Lladro Toucan Glass Bottle 01009464
Lladro Toucan Ice Bucket 01009463
Lladro Toucan Low Crystal Glass 01009466
Lladro Toucan Tall Crystal Glass 01009467
Lladro Welcome Home Figurine 01009455
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The Goddess Sri Lakshmi 01009229 From Lladro

The Goddess Sri Lakshmi 01009229 From Lladro

In 2001 Lladro introduced their first limited edition Hindu figurine. While most of us in the U.S didn't seem to notice, this incredibly detailed sculpture sold out
almost overnight and left collectors worldwide scrambling to find one at any price. Over the last decade and a half Lladro has seen the demand for Hindu sculptures sky rocket. Every piece that has been released is extremely sought after and very difficult for Lladro retailers to keep in stock. Given the popularity of these past creations, the new Lladro Sri Lakshmi 01009229 is certain to be on many people's wishlist.

Lladro Sri Lakshmi Figurine 01009229

This new sculpture from Lladro depicts the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Lakshmi is the wife and active energy of Lord Vishnu. Her four arms represent the four goals of life. Dharma, Kāma, Artha, and Moksha.

The Lladro Sri Lakshmi stands 8.75 inches tall and is 7 inches wide. She is bedecked in the finest clothing in red and blue, embroidered in gold. To underscore her divine status, she is shown with her crown and halo, as well as a garland of lotus flowers. This little treasure in porcelain, Goddess Sri Lakshmi is destined to preside homes all over the world and bless them with riches.

The Lladro Sri Lakshmi 01009229 is a new release for spring and is shipping to retail stores now. Don't delay, get yours today!
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Lladro Opens New Showroom In New York

Lladro Opens New Showroom In New York

If you live in New York or just happen to be traveling there take a few minutes (or hours) and check out Lladro's newest showroom. It will blow you away!

Lladró Showroom
D&D Building 979 Third Avenue
15th Floor, Suite 1507
New York City
Phone: 646.664.1030

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The Dawn Of A New Day, Lladro Has Been Sold To An Investment Group

The Dawn Of A New Day, Lladro Has Been Sold To An Investment Group

The only constant in life is change and that has now found it's way to Lladro Porcelain. After years of meandering sales, the Lladro family came to the conclusion that a new infusion of ideas and capital was needed to keep the now world famous brand relevant with today's consumers. After much debate and rumored family infighting the difficult decision was made to sell a 100% stake to PHI Industrial, an investment fund located in Madrid specializing in the rescue of family businesses.

How this will affect one of the greatest producers of porcelain the world has ever known remains to be seen. 

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A chandelier is considered by many to be the pinnacle of a well appointed home. From it's very inception chandeliers were functional status symbols that the average person could not afford. Over time the materials used to create them has changed dramatically.

The first chandeliers were created during the medieval ages and were simply two pieces of flat wood bound together in the middle with candles placed at the four corners. While this design was not costly to create, the candles themselves were quite expensive. Anyone who could burn four at a time simply to illuminate one area of a room must have been quite well off.

As time passed artists began to improve on this design and incorporated new materials into chandeliers construction. Ornate metal arms were added so that dozens of candles could be burned and even more light could be generated. In 1676 a British man using lead oxide created a new type of glass that was much easier to cut and was able to be produced in different colors. This was a major step forward and the wealthy flocked to acquire these new masterpieces of home decor. Over the next hundred years designers began to make their designs increasingly intricate adding more and more glass elements. This is when the traditional chandelier shape and look that we know today was solidified.

An interesting side note: During this time much of the lead glass was produced in England and eventually a tax was levied on it. So a company decided to move to Ireland in order to avoid paying the tax and stated a company. The name of that company....Waterford!

The next major change was started by Daniel Swarovski who patented a technique that allowed true lead crystal to be easily cut into various shapes. The glass of yesterday suddenly looked cloudy and dark next to the shiny faceted crystals that were being produced in new shapes and sizes.  The very wealthy had yet another way to separate themselves and show the world how successful they were.

Today Lladro has decided to elevate chandlers to the next level by taking traditional designs and replacing the crystals with fine Spanish hand crafted porcelain. This game changing idea creates chandlers that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Using varied colors and patterns Lladro Chandeliers are now the pinnacle of the well appointed home.

View The Lladro Chandeliers Collection

View The Lladro Belle De Nuit Chandeliers Collection

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