With turmoil around the world we all can use something to take our minds to a better place. Thankfully Lladro has just announced their 2020 Spring new releases and for a few minutes we can bask in the beauty that only Lladro can create. 


Here is a list of the new releases.

Lladro 2020 Figurine Of The Year - Follow Your Star 01009449
Lladro Nymphs in Love Bird Figurine 01009447
Lladro Hearts Metal Ring Violet & Red 01010271
Lladro Hearts Pendant Violet & Red 01010270
Lladro Hearts Stud Earrings Violet & Red 01010272
Lladro Durga Figurine 01002021
Lladro Attentive Bunny Blue Gold Figurine 01009448
Lladro Born In 2020 Boy Figurine 01018458
Lladro Born In 2020 Girl Figurine 01018459
Lladro Butterfly Blue Gold Figurine 01009452
Lladro Butterfly Coral Gold Figurine 01009453
Lladro Butterfly White Gold Figurine 01009451
Lladro Cherry Blossoms Dome Lithophane 01023989
Lladro Colby Protective Penguin Figurine 01009439
Lladro Cupid Figurine 01009408
Lladro Elsa Figurine 01009113
Lladro English Purebred Figurine 01009469
Lladro Flamenco Soul Figurine 01009470
Lladro Golden Kois Candle 01040202
Lladro Hearts Earrings Violet & Red 01010273
Lladro Heavenly Heart Angel Figurine 01009444
Lladro Koi Accessory 01009461
Lladro Koi Bowls 01009460
Lladro Koi Box Figurine 01009450
Lladro Koi Plate 01009458
Lladro Koi Sake Cups 01009459
Lladro Koi Vase 01009462
Lladro Lion With Cub Figurine 01009454
Lladro Lola  Stud Earrings Pink & Red 01010281
Lladro Lola Open Choker Pink & Red 01010278
Lladro Lola Pendant Pink & Red 01010279
Lladro Medieval Knight Figurine 01002019
Lladro My Little Sweetie Matte White Figurine 01009430
Lladro My Moment Figurine 01009468
Lladro My Sweet Cupcake Boy Figurine 01009446
Lladro My Sweet Cupcake Girl Figurine 01009445
Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp White Gold 01024036
Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp White Small 01024046
Lladro Nightbloom Hanging Lamp Gold 01024039
Lladro Nightbloom Hanging Lamp Gold 01024042
Lladro Nightbloom Table Lamp White Gold 01024032
Lladro Nightbloom Wall Light White Gold 01024028
Lladro Panther Blue Figurine 01009456
Lladro Panther Coral Figurine 01009457
Lladro Princess Leia's New Hope Figurine
Lladro Puffy Generous Rabbit Figurine 01009440
Lladro Reese Intuitive Owl Figurine 01009442
Lladro Rhino Blue Gold Figurine 01009471
Lladro Roby Corageous Bear Figurine 01009443
Lladro Sophisticated Look Figurine 01009437
Lladro Sunny Loyal Fox Figurine 01009441
Lladro The Art Of Movement Figurine 01009438
Lladro The Orange Guest Little Figurine 01007749
Lladro Toucan Crystal Glasses & Stirrers Set 01009465
Lladro Toucan Glass Bottle 01009464
Lladro Toucan Ice Bucket 01009463
Lladro Toucan Low Crystal Glass 01009466
Lladro Toucan Tall Crystal Glass 01009467
Lladro Welcome Home Figurine 01009455
August 04, 2020 — Biggs Ltd

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