Lladro's New Spring Releases Are Now Shipping!

With Spring now but a memory we have been informed that Lladro's 2015 new releases are shipping out to dealers in the United States. We get so excited hearing this as we love opening all the new pieces and getting to see them in person for

the first time! Nothing is like that feeling of gazing upon a new Lladro porcelain creation as it comes out of the box. Each year we are impressed yet again by their

Here Are The Lladro 2015 Spring New Releases

Lladro Moon Mother Figurine 01018067
Lladro Salsa Figurine 01009146
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 30 Lights White 01023507
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 30 Lights Gold 01023522
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 6 Lights Gold 01023486
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 6 Lights White 01023471
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 12 Lights Gold 01023504
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 12 Lights White 01023489
Lladro Assyrian Archer Figurine 01009169
Lladro Xian Warrior Figurine 01008795
Lladro Lion Dance Figurine 01009145
Lladro Horses Group Figurine 01008619
Lladro Romanesque Angel Figurine 01008791
Lladro My Loving Angel Figurine 01009151
Lladro Parrot Parade Coral Figurine 01007846
Lladro Swinging Figurine 01009163
Lladro Bathing Nymph Figurine 01009148
Lladro Elvis Presley Figurine 01008469
Lladro Young Shepherdess Figurine 01009158
Lladro African Bond Figurine 01009159
Lladro Batsman Forever Figurine 01009137
Lladro Girl With Pony Figurine 01009139
Lladro Finesse Figurine 01009170
Lladro Giggles With Mom Figurine 01009152
Lladro Soul Surfer Figurine 01009173
Lladro Sitting Bather Figurine 01009157
Lladro Beautiful Blossom Figurine 01009138
Lladro Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha Plates Set 01009155
Lladro Ganesha Figurine 01009150
Lladro Lord Ganesha Plate 01009153
Lladro Goddess Lakshmi Plate 01009154
Lladro Sweet Shyness Figurine 01009171
Lladro Look At My Dress Figurine 01009172
Lladro Pond Dreamer Blue Figurine 01009141
Lladro Underwater Calm Orange Figurine 01009142
Lladro Playing At Sea Silver Re-Deco Figurine 01008545
Lladro Waking Up At Sea Silver Re-Deco Figurine 01008547
Lladro Day Dreaming At Sea Silver Re-Deco Figurine 01008546
Lladro Afghan Hound Figurine 01009143
Lladro Duck Plate 01007841
Lladro Doves Plate 01007842
Lladro St. Francis Of Assisi Figurine 01008780
Lladro Our Lady Of Guadalupe Lithophane Votive 01017367
Lladro Sai Baba Lithophane Votive 01017365

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