The Goddess Sri Lakshmi 01009229 From Lladro
In 2001 Lladro introduced their first limited edition Hindu figurine. While most of us in the U.S didn't seem to notice, this incredibly detailed sculpture sold out
almost overnight and left collectors worldwide scrambling to find one at any price. Over the last decade and a half Lladro has seen the demand for Hindu sculptures sky rocket. Every piece that has been released is extremely sought after and very difficult for Lladro retailers to keep in stock. Given the popularity of these past creations, the new Lladro Sri Lakshmi 01009229 is certain to be on many people's wishlist.

Lladro Sri Lakshmi Figurine 01009229

This new sculpture from Lladro depicts the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Lakshmi is the wife and active energy of Lord Vishnu. Her four arms represent the four goals of life. Dharma, Kāma, Artha, and Moksha.

The Lladro Sri Lakshmi stands 8.75 inches tall and is 7 inches wide. She is bedecked in the finest clothing in red and blue, embroidered in gold. To underscore her divine status, she is shown with her crown and halo, as well as a garland of lotus flowers. This little treasure in porcelain, Goddess Sri Lakshmi is destined to preside homes all over the world and bless them with riches.

The Lladro Sri Lakshmi 01009229 is a new release for spring and is shipping to retail stores now. Don't delay, get yours today!

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