The Guest by Lladro, A Collection Of Unusual Characters

Lladro The Guest
When you think of Lladro you probably picture children playing, a mother holding an infant or even a graceful angel with delicate wings of beauty. Each of these are themes that Lladro has become known for over the last 60 years. But these are times of change and nothing shows this more than The Guest by Atelier Lladro. This new collection is redrawing the boundaries for a company that has never attempted something of this nature before.

Lladro The Guest Statue

By taking a basic form and daring cutting edge artists like Jamie Haydon, Tim Biksup and DevilRobots to create a distinctive personality for an original porcelain character, Lladro has embarked in a unique and often startling new direction. To say that theses pieces are not traditional Lladro is quite an understatement. But by embracing a modern and graphic concept, Lladro is blazing a new path into uncharted territory and garnering attention from a new breed of edgy collectors.

Lldro The Guest Figurines

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