MacKenzie-Childs is a world renowned manufacturer of traditional home decor items, made with a hip and eccentric twist. The line is often referred to as having the feel of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. They have a darling Victorian farm in upstate New York where many of their products are made. It is a fully working farm located in the town of Aurora. On the farm you can find Highland cattle, sheep and even chickens living in their very own chicken palace. The charming town of Aurora has a population of only 700 people and it is located on the scenic Cayuga LakeThe MacKenzie-Childs artisans work there on the farm painting furniture and producing hand made majolica pottery.

   As the line is so large, not all of it can be produced at their farm. This very diverse and eclectic line that has become such a global phenomenon is proudly made all over the world. They make their enamelware in South East Asia, tartan/wool products in Scotland, textiles in India, flatware in Vietnam and porcelain in Portugal. 
    The artisans draw inspiration from the flower gardens on the farm. Several of their patterns are inspired by the flowers seen from the artisans' windows. Mackenzie-Childs is so dedicated to the nature on their farm that they even have bee hives and their own beekeeper. Even though their style can even be described as a fairy tale they feel their farm is very much a real place with a very real story.
   The most popular flower of all for MacKenize-Childs is the Scottish Thistle. They use it as their logo. It is a nod to their original founder's Scottish heritage. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland and is symbolic to fortitude, strength and endurance. You can find it incorporated into patterns on their furniture, pillows and glassware. Rebecca Proctor is the creative director for MacKenzie-Childs and she thinks the thistle is the perfect symbol for their company, “It’s a burst of color that has similar characteristics as a decorative tassel. It grows in craggy, rocky soil, and it’s elegant and strong and tough.’’

   MacKenzie-Childs is so proud of their enchanting Aurora farm that they paint their pastoral farm landscapes on many of their tables, chests and chairs. They employ 12 talented artisans in their workshop on the farm in Aurora and each artist has on average 10 years experience at the company. One artist paints the entire piece by hand from start to finish which makes each piece a one of a kind work of art. No two will ever be exactly alike. 

   Whether you are looking for furniture, tableware, cookware, lighting, home decor, baby gifts or bridal, MacKenzie-Childs has got you covered. Their extensive line ranges from beautiful basics to the most extravagant of furniture designs. Inspired by nature as well as the fairly-tale look of the Mad Hatter, you can take a few items from the line to add interest to your existing decor or go over board mixing and matching patterns to create a unique look that no one else has.
June 26, 2018 — Biggs Ltd