Mackenzie Childs Royal Check

The color blue has long been associated with royalty because of it's scarcity and high cost to produce. The ancient Egyptians were the first to create a blue pigment. Unfortunately it's creation was a long and tedious process which resulted in only the richest of people being able to acquire it. 

A new version of the pigment known as ultramarinus, meaning “beyond the sea", was imported into Europe during the 14th and 15th centuries. Its deep, royal blue quality meant that it was highly sought after among artists living in Medieval Europe. Unfortunately it remained very expensive as the pigment was considered to be just as precious as gold. Art historians believe that Michelangelo left his painting "The Entombment" unfinished because he could not afford to buy more ultramarine blue.

Fortunately for us a much less expensive version was later discovered by French chemist Louis Jacques Thenard in 1802. Painters such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Vincent Van Gogh began using the new pigment as an alternative to expensive ultramarine. Now the masses could enjoy own the color of the sky and oceans.

Enter Mackenzie-Childs and their fantastic new Royal Check pattern. This beautifully colored collection evokes the warm feeling of royalty but in their signature whimsical and playful way. The pieces can be displayed on their own or mixed with Mackenzie-Child's other patterns for even more fun! Take a look at the collection and see if you are in the mood to be treated like nobility. We think you deserve it!


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