Lladro Figurines City Of Porcelain

As one approaches the outer gates of Porcelain City, the first image is of a porcelain welcoming committee that stands vigil twenty four hours a day. Three figures in traditional Valencia provincial costumes stand over five feet before a stone wall that proclaims "Lladro Cuidad de la Porcelana" (Lladro City Of Porcelain) in large brass letters. A waterfall cascades into one of several pools at the foot of the wall and all is bordered by colorful flowers, not unlike those that can be seen hand crafted of porcelain within.

"Porcelain City" is located in the heart of Tavernes Blanques, a sleepy town on the outskirts of Valencia, Spain, adjacent to Almacera, the birthplace of the Lladro brothers. Here, nearly 2,000 employees, administrators, chemists and artisans alike congregate daily to apply their considerable talents to the making of Lladro porcelains; to sculpt, to mold, to mix raw materials and test paint pigments, and to otherwise perform all the meticulous tasks necessary to produce Lladro figurines.

Making Lladro Porcelain Figurines

Porcelain City is an impressive complex that stretches across the countryside. Despite its size, this city that is devoted to the creation of fine figurines, is really a small tight knit community where almost everyone knows everyone else. Yes it is a rambling facility. However, the spirit of hospitality is in the air. This is a facility where the well being of those who contribute to the successes of the company with their skill and talents, are a concern of the Lladro family. This priority, established by the Lladro brothers early on, makes Porcelain City a friendly environment.

Lladro Artists Making Figurines

This pleasing sight and an adjacent marble guard house with its curved glass roof, prepare one for the multifaceted complex that awaits those fortunate enough to be received in its inner sanctum. Dominating the scene is a recently erected monument to the company's founders Juan, Jose and Vincente. It stands proudly in front of the Sculptors Studio. Visitors line up here to have their pictures taken by the massive marble and granite structure.

The ultra modern Sculptors Studio stands out in its surroundings, yet is very much in keeping with the innovative, creative work conducted here. Within its walls, the Lladro collection is developed under the direction of the Lladro family. It was here that forty four craftsman, artisans and technicians, working closely with the Lladro brothers, created "Cinderella's Arrival." The largest, most ambitious figurine ever to have emerged from Porcelain City, it was a labor of love that fulfilled a long held dream for the three Lladro brothers.

Lladro Porcelain Being Made

In addition to the Sculptors Studio there are: laboratories; a building where molds are made; another for storing the original molds; another for assembling and decorating figurines; and one for firing and inspection the porcelains. There are a total of thirteen buildings where a highly diversified staff pursues a single goal: to produce high quality porcelain figurines. They practice their expertise under the on going evaluation and nurturing of the Lladro Family Council.

A vocational training school, founded in December 1963, continues to be the source for some of the would's finest craftsmen, and the life's blood of Lladro. In the future, these students will be called upon to work with the Lladro family to develop masterworks in porcelain. The Porcelain City complex is much more than a workplace. Workers can relax after-hours, enjoying the employee swimming pool, squash and basketball courts. This helps create a close knit community that produces beautiful porcelain figurines for the enjoyment of people around the world.

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